Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I have a question about my local taxes? 

The tax collector for Clinton Township is Kimberly Alexander, 204 W. Blind, Rd, Montgomery, PA 17752.  Her telephone number is (570)506-3923.  She can assist with any tax question.    

When are township meetings scheduled?

The township supervisors meet the second Monday of each month.  The Planning Commission Board meet the 3rd Tuesday of every month, if they have items for an Agenda.

How do I acquire information based on the Right-to-Know Law? 

Call the Township Office (570-547-1466) to request the Right-to-Know application form for the information you are seeking.

How do I reserve the park by the ball field?

Call the Township Office (570-547-1466) to reserve the park. There is a $10 fee for the day.

What are the restrictions on open burning? 

Call the Township Office (570-547-1466) to receive a copy of the burning ordinance.

Where do the residents of Clinton Township vote?

Clinton Township Volunteer Fire Company, 2311 State Rt 54, Montgomery.

What are the restrictions on parking during snow storms? 

All cars should be parked off the street to allow snow plow unrestricted access. 

What are the restrictions on plowing snow from driveways into the streets or grass clipping during mowing? 

Snow plowing and grass clippings should not be thrown into the roads.  This makes plowing more difficult and grass clippings can clog up drainage areas.  

When is leaf pick-up?

Leaf Collection will begin October 20th and finish November 22nd.  Please have leaves at the edge of the road – no sticks – and call the office at 570-547-1466 for pick-up.