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Clinton Township is the most rapidly developing municipality in Lycoming County. With development ranging from Amish one-room schoolhouses to one of Pennsylvania’s first natural gas powered electric generating plant, Clinton Township joins a rich heritage with a growing future. With thriving businesses, affordable housing, an outstanding school system, and excellent public services — Clinton Township is a welcome destination for businesses and families looking for a place to grow.

Township News / Meetings

ATTENTION RESIDENTS: It has come to our attention that there are still homes in clinton township where the address number is not clearly visible. Please make every effort if you are 1 of those homes to make sure your house number can be seen incase of an emergency so the emergency responders can find you and get help to you as quickly as possible. Thank you




Meeting Notices:

Township Supervisor Work Session – 2nd Monday of Every Month – 6:00 p.m.

Township Supervisor Meeting – 2nd Monday of Every Month – 6:30 p.m.

Planning Commission Meeting – 3rd Tuesday of Every Month at 7 p.m.

Township Office Closed Holidays

Township FYI's

Leaf Pickup:

**Leaf pick up is over for the season**

We are currently conducting leaf pickup throughout the township. Please contact the township office letting us know when they are in a pile on near the edge of your property.  


We are currently conducting mowing throughout the township. If you do not want the right-of-way to be mowed on your property please put up a sign and/or contact the township office letting us know. We ask that you do not mow or blow your grass into the road as it causes the storm drains to clog. 

Park Notice:

The Park is open to the public to use the walk path. If you bring your pet please clean up after them.