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Clinton Township is the most rapidly developing municipality in Lycoming County. With development ranging from Amish one-room schoolhouses to one of Pennsylvania’s first natural gas powered electric generating plant, Clinton Township joins a rich heritage with a growing future. With thriving businesses, affordable housing, an outstanding school system, and excellent public services — Clinton Township is a welcome destination for businesses and families looking for a place to grow.

Township News / Meetings

Park Improvements:

The Clinton Township Supervisors proposed to rehabilitate and improve the township park, located along Route 54 across from Dollar General, and are seeking to create a Park Committee.

Park Committee FAQ:

What is a Park Committee?  A Voluntary group of individuals who meet on a regular basis to support the effective functioning of the park.

Who can be on a Park Committee?  Anyone who is part of the township. We would love to hear from ALL ages.

Where can I sign up?  Please send an email to or call 570-547-1466 or send a letter of interest to Township Building, 2106 State Route 54, Montgomery, PA 17752.

The public can view the plan below or see a copy of the plans for the park at the Township Building, 2106 State Route 54, Montgomery, PA. Call 570-547-1466 with any questions.

***Please Right Click on the map below and ‘Open image in new tab’ to view larger image.***

Meeting Notices:

Township Supervisor Work Session – 2nd Monday of Every Month – 6:00 p.m.

Township Supervisor Meeting – 2nd Monday of Every Month – 6:30 p.m.

Planning Commission Meeting – 3rd Tuesday of Every Month at 7 p.m.

Township Office Closed Holidays

Township FYI's

Leaf Pickup:

We are currently conducting leaf pickup throughout the township. Please contact the township office letting us know when they are in a pile on near the edge of your property. 


We are currently conducting mowing throughout the township. If you do not want the right-of-way to be mowed on your property please put up a sign and/or contact the township office letting us know. 

Park Notice:

The Park is currently closed due to construction, sorry for any inconvenience.